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Day 40 - My "DO" Goals

My "DO" Goals

And finally, now that you know and understand who God wants you to be, what are you going to do about it? 

What are some goals that you can set for yourself that fit in the DO category? 


Questions to Consider

What is God calling you to do with your life? Your profession? Your family? 

"Let us never forget that what we are is more important than what we do".

– Hudson Taylor 

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Day 39 - My "BE" Goals

My "BE" Goals

In light of the scripture, questions, and thoughts that you’ve written down in this journal, what are you going to do to take the next steps in your life? 


Questions to Consider

What are the goals you want to accomplish that deal with who you are? 

These aren’t goals that deal with tasks, but goals that address the state of your mind, heart, and spirit.

Who is God challenging you to BE? 

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Day 38 - Convergence of a Story

Convergence of a Story

Every one of these strengths, weaknesses, passions, interests, and experiences has created the person you are today. 

God does not do things by accident.

He takes our lives and shapes them through every experience. Everything in your life has converged to lead to where you are—and where you will go in the future. Don’t discount anything. 


Thought to Consider

Reflect on your life and remember that God has uniquely created YOU, with your experiences, to do YOUR part in His story. 

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Day 37 - I Have an Education

I Have an Education

Each of us also has some kind of education. Whether we just finished high school or have a PhD, we are all in the process of learning. 

As we learn, our story continues to grow and change.

How has your education shaped you? 


Question to Consider

How can it continue to help you reach the goal of glorifying God with your life? 

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Day 36 - I Have Experience

I Have Experience

We all have so many experiences over the course of our lives. We travel. We learn. We have relationships. 

All of these experiences shape and mold us into who we are.

How have your experiences impacted who you’ve become? 


Questions to Consider

How do you want your experiences to impact you in the future? 

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