Cultivate Mission is a long awaited desire for us as we continually seek to instill a stronger vision of missional living in the lives of believers.  Our goal is simple: we care about the full embrace of every professional field as a means for living out our faith and engaging the Kingdom.  It is critically important that we understand we are not alone… either as a teacher and one who is equipping or as a professional and one who is trying to live out our faith every day.  

We have provided a very robust and powerful way for you to connect with others, to wrestle with specific issues and topics that others care about as well. You can keep up to date on fresh content, launch your own group for specific matters or for getting together with people in your geographical area. We live in a world that is going to increasingly try to isolate those who really “get it”. If you don’t find that at your university, we pray you will be able to find it here.

You are not alone on this journey.

We would like to highlight a few things you can do inside your community:


CM Workshops 

The hallmark of the Cultivate Mission community are the CM Workshops.  These are one day events that allow you to connect with others who share your same heart for equipping the next generation and provide an excellent environment to learn many other best practices.  The purpose of the CM Workshops are for you to walk about with a wealth of fresh ideas and new relationships… all building on the truth that you are not alone on this journey of equipping the next generation for extraordinary things.  

The structure of the CM Workshops will host a morning TED-style presentation on various best practices for student engagement while capturing key take-aways and a period for collective brainstorming.  Lunch is provided.  Following lunch everyone will break into groups to prototype fresh ideas for new ways to engage students and conclude the day by sharing with the other teams their prototypes.  

These events are limited to 30 people per event.  


CM Interest Areas 

We all have our unique identity, the unique ways in which God created us.  This is important, for it makes us who we are… and no two of us are exactly the same.  But as different as we are, we all share certain things in common. Yes, we share a common faith, but some of us share a common university or academic area or God has impressed upon us a passion for a particular issue or topic and we share that with others who have that same passion.

The content is therefore organized and linked together so that you can view the content that is relevant to the areas that matter to you. Additionally, you can see the other members who have selected this area as part of their “DNA”. This is what we call a “gathering” of like-minded people according to their interests.

Your DNA selections, then, are what places you in those gatherings of like-minded people. You can remove yourself from a gathering or join one by simply editing your profile. You can do this by clicking on the photo icon to the top right and then click “Edit Profile”.  Now click “Communities” and edit as you please. 




Equipping equippers for missional living is our passion and it’s important for us to have one simple library for all of the content created.  These items of content also populate throughout the site in various Neighborhoods but they are all collected here for your convenience.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Search for content by type - articles, audio, video, or documents 
  • Search for content by DNA Classification
  • Search for content by Keyword
  • Sort content by Newest, Most Relevant (to you), Popular, or Oldest

Beyond the main page, here is what you can do within a piece of content:

  • Read/view/listen/watch the post
  • View the relevant DNA Classifications (which you have in common)
  • Post Comments 

Remember, this is your community. We’ve built this entire environment for you to explore, to learn, to connect, and to be encouraged. Our hope is that the strength of community can change our lives and the world around us. Join us on this journey towards truth and unity. You are never alone.



You are not alone. This phrase obviously echoes throughout our vision and mission.  Life presents many challenges to us, but the Lord has not designed for us to walk this road alone, but rather arm and arm, banding together. The “Members” tab allows you to see other members of the community, learn a little about them, and even reach out for a conversation. The member directory is always sorted by those members you have the most in common at the top.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by DNA Classifications (or multiple pieces) - perhaps you would like to see people in Virginia who care about Trafficking
  • View Member’s Profiles
  • View Commonality - the DNA attributes that are highlighted in green are the DNA attributes you share in common
  • Direct Message - send a message to someone in the community (you can block members if needed)