Cultivate Mission workshops are designed to help individuals build specific roads for engaging in missional living.  This could be for yourself of an audience that you steward.  Either way, building a plan is wise and all of the tools of Cultivate Missions are to help you have a plan.  

2017 workshops

Cultivate Mission will be hosting three workshops in 2017, each with a different scope.

Business Leaders

This session is for business leaders looking for how to use their skills for global Kingdom engagement.  This workshop will build a plan for using your specific skills.


This workshop is for educators who are looking to develop a better plan for mobilizing students toward missional living.  This workshop will give you a template to share with others.


This workshop is for pastors engaging their church audiences around missional living and involvement.  This workshop will give you a template to share with others.


What are the foundations? 

We believe all professionals are called to fully engage their faith in their daily lives, in their work places, the means in which they serve, and other facets of life. 

We believe that faith is not something reserved for Sunday morning or short term missions but for every day of life.

We believe that every professional field has a unique opportunity to engage the world around them for Kingdom impact.

We believe that equippers like faculty, staff, and pastors have the most significant opportunity to influence the lives of the next generation because of their significant influence, long term presence in student’s lives, and their passion to see the next generation influence the world. 

We believe that working together to discuss best practices and models of missional engagement we will all make each other better and open our eyes to fresh ideas we may never have explored on our own.


Who is the audience?

Our primary audience are the equippers, not the student.  We work with university faculty and staff to facilitate workshops and an online environment for discussion in best practices.  


How is this connected to and the GMHC?

Cultivate Mission is a ministry of Southeast Christian Church missions, just as is the Global Missions Health Conference and  Cultivate Mission is a separate program of Southeast though highly connected with the GMHC.  Cultivate Mission is launching with a focus in healthcare because of great praetorships and relationships with university healthcare departments but the vision for CM will be to include all disciplines of of academics and professional fields.